Return of the Melbourne Blender Society

Blender is a neat 3D animation, video editing and game-making application. The Melbourne Blender Society is a great place to meet fellow Blender users, or to learn about Blender if you’re new.

It has been a couple of years since the last MBS meeting, and it’s time to get things moving again. Our next meeting will be from 6-8pm on Thursday the 30th of June at VPAC Head Office, in the Training Room on Level 1:

Building 91
110 Victoria Street
Carlton South Vic

The list of speakers and talks is tentatively:

  • Campbell Barton, on his experience working on Blender Foundation projects such as the short film Sintel.
  • Breton Slivka, on customising hotkeys. maybe next time.
  • Dan Clayton, on using Blender in the industry.
  • Alex Fraser, with some game engine demos.

There will be time before and after the talks for socialising and such, and hopefully some snacks (if the venue allows it).

Please leave a comment if you intend to come, so we have a rough idea of the numbers.

Update: Talks start at 6:20pm, so please arrive before then. If you need to be let in at the door, call me on 0434 408 175.

Update 2: Breton will not present this time (my bad!)

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37 Responses to Return of the Melbourne Blender Society

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  2. Jonathan de Booy says:

    I’m a relatively new Blender user and am glad to have finally found a local community! I plan on attending.

  3. Luke Frisken says:

    I’d love to come! I also have a friend who I think might like to come.

  4. Mozzie says:

    Count 1 for me … what time do doors shut? 6pm?

  5. Ben Dansie says:

    If you don’t make it by 6pm you will probably have to deal with a door troll of sorts. Brute force won’t work, but outsmarting them seems to be relatively straight forward. Just don’t try a robot style logical paradox as the troll will simply hit you.

  6. Oh says:

    I’d love to come! 😀
    Hope to learn a thing or two about Blender.

  7. saorsa says:

    Yes I will be there

  8. Bac says:

    Hey fellow Blenderers, I’ll definitely be there and bringing a friend!
    Was wondering if there is like an entrance fee or some sort

  9. adfries says:

    Mozzie, I think the doors lock at 6pm, but I’ll wait in the foyer until 6:10 to let people in. Feel free to give me a call after that. I’ll let you in unless I’m in the middle of my presentation (which is scheduled last).

  10. adfries says:

    Bac, there will be no entry fee this time. If we end up providing snacks there might be one for the next meeting, but it would be small. I might print off a questionnaire for people to give feedback about what they want future meetings to be like. Please bring a pen!

    • Bac says:

      Thanks alot! Was wondering what your name was cause i saved your number on your name and put it under adfries (or is that your name, sorry!) Beside that all good. thank you very much. I’m flying all the way from Adelaide to attend this. Gonna be awesome!!!

      • adfries says:

        Wow, ok! Are you coming to Melbourne just for this meeting? I almost went to a Blender meeting in Tokyo once, but didn’t quite have enough leave.

        I hope it lives up to your expectations. It will be quite a casual meeting – not a conference or anything, but the talks should be good and you’ll get to meet other Blender users 🙂

        Also, my name is Alex. Cheers!

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  13. This sounds awesome.

    I have recently decided that I wanted to become a 3d artist of some sort so I am still pretty new to the whole thing, I just need to keep on practicing.

    I am a little hesitant to attend though, I haven’t had the best experience travelling later at night with public transport, I will try my best to make it but I will try and get a +1 to come with me.

  14. Raj says:

    This is just great. Will be a great opportunity to learn and share experiences using Blender.
    Will attend

  15. Bac says:

    Thanks Alex. Lol conference sounds more official and cool! but yeah just want to meet my fellow blenderers. Should be good nevertheless. COMON we’re talking about Blender here. cant disappoint 🙂

    • Ben Dansie says:

      Another Adelaide user! Great! I’ll be flying there as well – out of coincidence this time but I did fly in just for the last one. I’m just finalising the first Adelaide meetup tonight so the details should be on soon.
      With any luck I’ll see you at both. 🙂

      • Bac says:

        WOW really! tha’ts so cool man!!! LOL man I’ll be there if you give me the details! so hard to find a fellow blender user to chat to. No one understand my passion and joy in using blender except my fellow blenderers. Hope to see you there Ben and again in Adelaide.

  16. Rafael says:

    I am architect from Chile with a recent experience about Blender. I would like to go to this event.

  17. How long are the talks? You can contact me at zenpsycho a-with-a-circle-around-it gmail dot com
    -Breton Slivka

  18. dman says:

    I’d love to come!
    Great to find a local Blender group.

  19. Hi Guys, Paul from RMIT here. We are currently trialling our first year of using Blender
    in our MultiMedia Diploma and Cert 3&4 Media courses. We would love to come to the next
    meeting. I may bring along a few students is that cool?

    • Alex Fraser says:

      Sounds good! It should be a good experience for your students. We may need to find a larger room next time, but I’m fairly sure we’ll be able to fit this week 🙂

  20. blenderoz says:

    I will limit to a few students. Our course is mainly aimed at Modelling and Animation for
    Game design. But Im personally interested in connecting with other Blender users to further
    my knowledge.

  21. I am very sorry but I won’t be able to present on such short notice. Maybe next time.
    -Breton Slivka

  22. David S says:

    I will attend also the meeting

  23. Graham says:

    Hi I’d be interested in coming tonight. Hope It’s not too late. Brushing up on my blender skills!

  24. Luke Frisken says:

    Great meeting, thanks for giving the opportunity to meet all you guys!

  25. mozzie says:

    Couldn’t make it – bugger. Work & kids taxi task interfered.
    Any one video the talks?

  26. Daniel Clayton says:

    Just letting people know if they want, I had some requests for the links at the end of the talk. Feel free to email me at about them and more, I have plenty of links to great blender resources. 🙂

  27. Alex Fraser says:

    Thanks for coming, everyone! It was nice to meet you all and see again those of you who were at the meetings two years ago.

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