Next meetings: 29th of March and end of April

Let’s meet again – after a long delay! The plan is:

  • Meet on Thursday the 29th of March for a casual dinner at Grill’d on level 3 in Melbourne Central. Edit: meeting at 6pm, but it’s OK if you’ll be late. Edit 2: Let me know if you’re coming in the comments πŸ™‚
  • Meet again almost a month later, near the end of April. I suggest the 26th, but that’s the day after ANZAC Day. We can consider another day; see poll below.

There haven’t been many offers to give talks, so we can use the first meeting to decide what to do at the second. Please come with suggestions!

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17 Responses to Next meetings: 29th of March and end of April

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  2. Luke Frisken says:

    I’ll at least be at Grill’d on the 29th. Looking forward to it!!

  3. Luke Frisken says:

    also, are you going to post this on blenderartists news forum? Not everyone checks blendernation I wouldn’t think…

  4. lucifer1101 says:

    I will have to go straight there from TAFE so I may be a little late, depends on public transport.

  5. Obscure says:

    I’ll be there. Been waiting patiently.

  6. definitely maybe says:

    Zen Hen

  7. Stuartar says:

    I’m in Melbourne on holiday and would love to come along to meet up with
    other Blender users.

  8. Alex Fraser says:

    Great to hear you can all come! I know of some other people who haven’t commented but who are planning on coming, so we should have a good turnout.

    Hmm, just thinking- I doubt we can book (but I will call up to ask). If the restaurant gets too full we could move down to the food court on level 2. But we’ll try to stay at Grill’d.

  9. saorsa says:

    yeh, I’ll be up for that..

  10. Biologeek says:

    I will try to meet you there.

  11. Alex Fraser says:

    OK, Grill’d is booked under “Alex”. I’ll have a Blender logo on the table. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

  12. gregp says:

    I would love to come along, but hace a prior engagement. I enjoyed the last meeting, with campbell and ben, it was pretty sweet. Have a good night.

  13. Andrew says:

    Awesome, see you there Alex!

  14. yaboo007 says:

    ubnfortunately would not be able to make, hopefully the next.

  15. Mark says:

    Would be awesome to go one of these, but alas I live on the other side of the country.

  16. Luke Frisken says:

    Alex, I’m going to be fairly busy with uni over the next few weeks, and am just wondering how much you’d like me to do with cycles? How long? And whether there is anyone else coming who might like to “take the second half”. Also, where are we meeting? RMIT again? Please send me an email so I can get back in contact :S

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