Meeting: 26th of April 2012

It’s locked in! The next meeting will be on Thursday the 26th of April – the day after ANZAC Day. Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll.

We will have a tutorial and two three short talks. Our speakers will be:

The Cycles tutorial will be a hands-on lesson. Options for participation include:

  • Share one of the computers in the training room.
  • Bring a laptop (just a laptop; there won’t be room for keyboards, monitors or chargers).
  • Just watch.

Like our last big meeting, this one will be from 6-8pm in the Training Room at VPAC (view map)

Building 91
110 Victoria Street
Carlton South

After the meeting, join us at Classic Curry on Elizabeth St. for dinner and a casual chat about Blender.

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6 Responses to Meeting: 26th of April 2012

  1. Luke says:


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  3. Alex Fraser says:

    Welcome, DLFers 🙂 Subscribe to the feed if you want to know about future meetings!

  4. Christina Norwood says:

    Damn, just saw this. I work at RMIT so would have been a snap to attend

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