Casual Meeting: Thu 26 July 2012

It’s time to officially reveal The Plan! Or more accurately, The Schedule: we will hold one casual and one formal Blender meeting per quarter, like this:

Casual dinner: Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct
Formal talks: Feb, May, Aug, Nov
Break: Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec

This should give us time to prepare new presentations after the formal talks. It also means we won’t meet during the busy holiday season. Meetings will be held on the last Thursday of the month.

Last time we were out of sync so we had to have an extra-long break. But this month is a casual meeting, which will be on Thursday the 26th. Like last time, we’ll meet from 6-8pm at Grill’d in Melbourne Central.

So come along, meet some fellow Blenderheads and chat about what you’re working on. Please leave a comment if you plan to come so I have a rough idea of the numbers. If you don’t want to comment or if you’re going to be late, come anyway!

Summary from last April

We had a great meeting a few months ago, with four speakers. Luke Frisken gave a hands-on tutorial on Cycles nodes. The files are now available for download (50MB), so you can test them out at home.

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17 Responses to Casual Meeting: Thu 26 July 2012

  1. Andrew Buttery says:

    Count me in…

    – andrew

  2. John Blain says:

    Hi Blender users especially Beginners,
    My book ‘The Complete Guide to Blender Graphics Computer Modeling and Animation’ may be of interest. ISBN 978-1-4665-1703-5
    You can see details on my website:
    Have fun at the meeting. Cheers,
    John Blain

  3. David H says:

    I’ll try to turn up, if you have room for noobs.

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  5. Craig Cav says:

    I’ll be there

  6. David Davan says:

    I will try to make it after Uni.

  7. David Davan says:

    Is the event a meet and greet? or some people will be doing talks on it? Is it free? or is their a cost?
    I have used Maya for a few years in learning at tafe in 3D animation. Only last year I decide to fight against the fat cats of Autodesk and support Blender. I have bought a few DVD’s from their site and have been fighting against the use of Maya in Uni. I even promote Blender to many students and have converted a few. People still cant even believe that the program is free and the size of the program compared to Maya. I wish that there was a university that taught blender and not just Autodesk products. I think its awesome to have a group to meet and for people to talk about Blender. I hope the blender community in Australia just grows from strength to strength. And not let the big companies take control.
    Its sad in alot of ways cause with out blender many people would find it hard to have a legit version (3k plus) just for the Autodesk licence.
    Blender allows people to create without the financial burden of the software.

    • Alex Fraser says:

      This one is a meet and greet; next month there will be talks. Come to both, if you’re available. There is no cost to attend at the moment, although you might like to buy a burger.

  8. Andrew Buttery says:

    Not having been to one of these before – how will we know who is there for the Blender meet? Will there be a table reserved, management informed or just listen out for the cry of “#%@@ blender crashed again!” 🙂

    – andrew

  9. Luke Frisken says:

    Noooo can’t make it to this one 😦 Hopefully next…

  10. David Davan says:

    I cant escape uni early today… going to have to get the next one

  11. Christina says:

    Great to meet some flesh and blood Blenderheads. Never met one before!!

  12. Andrew Buttery says:

    Do we have a date/time/venue for the October caual meet-up? Thanks…

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