Talks: Installing add-ons, and a beginners’ workshop

The next meeting is coming up! Come along on the Thursday the 30th of August for some beginner-oriented talks by:

  • Brendon Murphy, with a talk on installing and using Blender addons (plugins).
  • Craig Cav, with a workshop for beginners.

Edit 19 Aug: In addition:

There will be 12 computers available for use in the workshop. Last time there were just enough computers for everyone, but you can bring a laptop if you like. Or, you can just watch.

Like our last big meeting, this one will be from 6-8pm in the Training Room at VPAC:

Building 91 (view map)
110 Victoria Street
Carlton South

After the meeting, join us at Classic Curry on Elizabeth St. for dinner and a casual chat about Blender.

Please leave a comment if you’re thinking of attending – or join the meetup.

* Completing the challenge is not a condition of entry.

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5 Responses to Talks: Installing add-ons, and a beginners’ workshop

  1. Alex Fraser says:

    By the way, we should have a little time left over. Feel free to use it for a lightning talk or to show off some of your work!

  2. Luke Frisken says:

    Alex, perhaps there will be time for me to mention snapping tools from gsoc?

  3. Alex Fraser says:

    Luke, sure! That will round out the evening nicely. I’ll add it to the list. Thanks!

  4. someone says:

    What time is the meeting?

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