Tutorial and Talks on the 29th of November

(c) copyright 2008, Blender Foundation | peach.blender.org – CC BY 3.0

It’s time again for a more formal meeting! See you at VPAC Head Office on Thursday the 29th of Novemberat 6pm. The topics will be:

  • Show and tell: blender modelling challenge (6:00 – 6:15)
  • Tutorial: Materials and Textures with Blender’s internal renderer by Craig Cav (6:15 – 7:15)
  • History: Pioneers of 3D graphics: Jim Blinn by Andrew Buttery (7:20 – 7:35)
  • Blender materials library by Brendon Murphy (7:40 – 8:00)

See the previous post for details on the modelling challenge. The models that you bring will be used in the materials tutorial – or you can use one of the models that we supply. After the talks we’ll head around the corner to Big MaMa Korean/Japanese restaurant. Don’t worry, there’s a range of healthy or fried options. Note: the restaurant only accepts cash.

I might take a few pictures at this meeting; please let me know at the start if you don’t want to be photographed.

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