MBS Open Movie Project – call for concepts – deadline 25th April

At the last MBS meeting it was agreed that we would have a go at open movie project. The plan is to finish the project in time for the Blender Conference in October, only use open source (free) software and will be delivered under a Creative Commons – Attribution license.

As they say, the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step… And the first step is select a concept.

So, if you have an idea for a short film then bring your pitch to the MBS meeting Thursday April 25 at Oriental Teahouse. We won’t have any projector facilities, so please bring along whatever you have, such as a draft script, storyboards, concept art or other visuals to help communicate your idea. Keep in mind that contributors are going to be volunteers holding down full time jobs/studying and will have varying equipment and differing levels of skill.

Concept Guidelines:

  • Is a short, concise animation concept (sorry, no games or VFX extravaganzas);
  • Is  practical (i.e. avoid mass crowd scenes with multiple simulations, etc);
  • Content can be mature. However, no gratuitous nudity or violence;
  • The majority of the work must be able to be completed in Blender;

If possible, we will select the script we want to use on April 25th. Unsuccessful concepts will remain the copyright of the individual(s) who presented them. The owner of the successful concept will have first option on the scriptwriting/polishing role for the project.

At the same time we will be looking for a director and other roles on the project. For those interested in contributing in whatever form please come along on the night so you can have a say in which concept is selected.

Finally, we understand that others from around the world may want to be involved, but as this is a Melbourne Blender Society project it is preferable that team members are based in Melbourne, Australia.

See you there!

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