April Blender Meeting notes… Open Movie Project concept selected!

Meet up at the Oriental teahouse had a small turnout but good discussion. 

Andrew Buttery talked about the recent Pixar two day masterclass he attended at Deakin and the key things he learnt about story and animation.

However, the main event was the selection of the MBS Open Movie Project concept. Three ideas were pitched and one came through as the clear winner.  As expected the concept is in a rough state and so the script is being worked on now.  Storyboards in the next couple of weeks!

 The roles which have been filled so far are:

  • Andrew Buttigieg will be directing;
  • Andrew Buttery will be project manager/producer; and 
  • Alex Fraser will be the Technical Director.

At this stage we have roles for character design, modeling, rigging, animation, shading (materials), lighting, simulation and compositing. We are also looking for foley (sound effects) and music as well – so if you are interested in any of these things leave a comment below and we’ll be in touch.

Once we have developed the concept a bit more, we will start putting some stuff up on this blog or come along to the May Blender meetup at VPAC on May 30th (to be confirmed).

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