MBS Casual meeting – notes and updates on the Open Movie Project

Last Thursday’s get together was a low-key affair with the (almost) full animatic of the Project Charcoal being shown to the attendees. Also many of the models and sample animation for the lead character.

One of the things we have learnt about building a large scale project is that you need to establish the scale early on – this is what happens when you don’t! Before you comment, yes, we are aware of the small problems with linking assets doing some strange things (i.e. the tank tracks not following their parent object)…


The Leap Motion controller was also used, though with disappointing results. The Blender plug-ins that were being developed seem to have fallen by the wayside. Perhaps with the official release of the device this may spur some developers to take it up again.

Next meeting will be August 29th at VPAC (TBC). Agenda will be released closer to the date, but as a minimum we should have the Charcoal trailer done by then.

Hope to see you there!

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