Melbourne Blender Society – March 26th – Brendon Murphy on converting materials to Cycles

The Melbourne Blender society will be meeting at VPAC Systems Office on Thursday the 26th of March from 6:00 to 8:00pm.

For the first time we are going to try to broadcast this event via Google Hangouts on Air and if successful, will post a link after the event.

After the great Pausefest meeting last time around we’ll be following up with another guest  speaker – Brendon Murphy. Brendon has been involved in the Blender community in Melbourne for many years and is involved in co-ordinating python add-ons for Blender. He will be giving a talk about how to covert materials from Blender Internal to Cycles quickly using easy to run scripts.

Andrew Buttery will do a “making of” talk on the logo he did for the new Campaign Coins kickstarter campaign which will take you through the evolution of the design and some of the challenges faced.


Blender 2.74. is in the “release candidate” phase at the moment (i.e. it’s only a few days away from final release) and we will demo some of the new features.

We’ll give an update on the Project Charcoal including how close we are to making the first shot “final” and what we have learnt so far…

Finally, we’ll have open Q&A – aka instant tutorial, where you can ask questions and one of the experts will answer.

There will be 12 computers available for use in the workshop. Last time there were enough computers for everyone, but you can bring a laptop if you like. Or, you can just watch.

So see you Thursday 26th at: VPAC – Building 91 (view map) 110 Victoria Street, Carlton South.

In case you missed it: here is the link to Campbell Barton’s talk from the last meeting: 

Melbourne Blender Society is sponsored by Blender Training.


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3 Responses to Melbourne Blender Society – March 26th – Brendon Murphy on converting materials to Cycles

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  2. Susan Arango says:

    May I have the link to your HOA on the 26th to be involved in the comment stream? We are looking to start our own Blender meetup with possibly also incorporating HOA’s in the Southern NJ area. How did you originally find Blender user local to you? Thank you for any info you can share!

  3. axb2035 says:

    Hi Susan, We are going to try to do a test run prior to the evening. If we can get HOA worked out then we’ll post the details so that people can join the live stream… BTW: We are in Melbourne, Australia and we are in a timezone 15 hours ahead i.e. 6 – 8 pm our time is 3 – 5 am EDT!

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