Recap: Physics simulations for logos

Last night we had a good meeting, with Andrew Buttery presenting a professional logo animation that used rigid body dynamics. Alex Fraser presented a way to fill a mould with liquid metal using SPH particles and the new Cube Surfer addon. The demo file is available here. Simply open the file, install and enable the Cube Surfer addon, and play the animation.

mbs logo metal

Video of the entire meeting is up on YouTube. Sorry about the poor sound quality – we’ll try to fix that for next time.

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2 Responses to Recap: Physics simulations for logos

  1. Santiago says:

    Hi guys

    Do you offer lessons on this software? I want to learn and I am based in Melbourne. Cheers

  2. Alex Fraser says:

    Hi Santiago! Yes, we do offer lessons. We do free group tutorials in the regular meetings, and one-on-one lessons can be arranged through Andrew, who runs Blender Training, is one of the organisers of Melbourne Blender Society.

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