Melbourne Blender Society – May 28 – Introduction to HDRI and more!

The Melbourne Blender society will be meeting at VPAC Systems Office on Thursday the 28th of May from 6:00 to 8:00pm.

We’ll have another go at trying to broadcast this event via Google Hangouts on Air  – we’ll see if we can get better audio this time!

Alex Fraser is bringing along a chrome ball and will do an “Introduction to HDRI lighting” talk. For those that don’t know using High Dynamic Range Images (HDRI) that have been taken with special equipment can be used to light your scene and help create really realistic lighting and reflections without complex lighting setups.

We’ll give an update on the Project Charcoal including new Bubzilla facial animation we discussed last meeting. We’ll also have feedback from David Andrade (Theory animation, the studio that does Ray & Clovis) on the animation so any budding animators can see how animation is critiqued in a studio context.

Finally, we’ll have open Q&A – aka instant tutorial, where you can ask questions and one of the experts will answer.

There will be 12 computers available for use in the workshop. Last time there were enough computers for everyone, but you can bring a laptop if you like. Or, you can just watch.

So see you Thursday 28th at: VPAC – Building 91 (view map) 110 Victoria Street, Carlton South.

Melbourne Blender Society is sponsored by Blender Training.


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